Piobaire of Balmoral                     





8/8         Index: 199


V: Angus Mac Domhnull 1st of Easton (blond)

VV: Mac Domhnull of Douneside (rot)

VVV: Dohmnull of Douneside (rot)

VVM: Oighrig 2nd of Douneside (rot)

VM: Muff 2nd of Breas of Greenock

VMV: Gille Coir of Duart (rot)

VMM: Muff of Laggan (blond)

M: Connachat 22nd of Balmoral (rot)

MV: Beinn Fhionnlaidh of Scone Palace (rot) 

MVV: Seumas of Ulva (rot)

MVM: Lillian 2nd of scone Palace (rot)

MM: Connachat 14th of Balmoral (rot)

MMV: Tearlach of Camerory (rot)

MMM: Connachat 11th of Balmoral (rot)


Züchter: Her Majesty The Queen, Balmoral Castle


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