Cairistiona Ruadh 2nd of Leys                        geb.: 01.02.1986


8/7/7 M                     Kälber: 13

V: Brogach Alex of Glenfintaig (brindle)

VV: Ben Screel of Scone Palace (rot)

VVV: Srumas of Ulva (rot)

VVM: Lillian 2nd of Scone Palace (rot)

VM: Duchess Cora 12th of Cladich (blond)

VMV: Uallach 2nd of Douglas blond)

VMM: Duchess Cora 10th of Cladich (rot)

M: Cairistiona Ruadh of Glenogle (rot)

MV: Viking of Ulva (rot)

MVV: Seumas of Douglas (blond)

MVM: Alice 7th of Mingary (rot)

MM: Corrina Foil 6th of Leys (rot) 

MMV: Niall of Douneside (rot)

MMM: Corrina Foil 4th of Leys (rot)

Züchter: Mr. Walker, Leys Castle, Inverness-shire, GB

Cairistiona lebte von 1987-2000 bei uns.